Executive Development

Our executive development strategies create powerful leaders at all levels. We stimulate people to expand their definition of themselves and their abilities within a diverse range of organizations worldwide. Our goal is to help executives meet the challenges of a constant and ever-changing business climate. We achieve this by delivering outstanding service through executive onboarding, executive coaching, and executive intervention.

Executive Onboarding

Executives are given less time to succeed than ever before. Reports vary somewhat, but all indicate that at least 40% of executives do not live up to the hype. The organization pays an enormous price for an executive’s failure to launch.
The concept of onboarding has entered the fray in an effort to ensure executive success. Onboarding focuses on three areas that can cause a new executive to fail: (1) getting up to speed, (2) forging effective relationships, and (3) accomplishing what is expected. Our onboarding solutions are customized and aim to:

We achieve these objectives through a customized process using the following strategies:

Executive Coaching

Executives are expected to do things that don't come naturally. Evaluating performance, selling a vision, having difficult conversations, holding others accountable, and networking for business results are but a few of the things that—if not done successfully—can bring an end to an executive's career. In fact, this happens all too often. Many executives never make it past eighteen months in their current position. Coaching is about partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. To do this we emphasize development improvements among seven areas:

Executive Intervention

Executives create liability related to their actions. In fact, the U.S. Supreme Court indicates that organizations may be held liable for the acts of their supervisors regardless of whether there is prior knowledge of wrongdoing (Burlington v Ellerth). When the decision is to remediate rather than terminate, a one-on-one intervention is required.

This one-on-one design is effective in stopping inappropriate behavior and restoring a safe and productive work environment. Through our executive coaching and leadership training, we endeavor to help participants exhibit behaviors that lead to a safe environment, lower turnover, and greater profitability.

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