Style of Influence Give your leaders the knowledge of how they influence others and how they can be better. The Style of Influence (SOI) assessment accurately pinpoints how leaders and team members impact one another and provides specific goals for improvement. Also valuable as a hiring and selection tool, the SOI can change your organization’s culture, one hire at a time.

The SOI measures the "default" influencing behaviors of people. It does this on four measurement Scales. Each of the four measurement scales is made up of two values... one at the upper end of the Scale and one at the lower end... each Score is made up of both values.

The Scales:

The real power of the SOI comes from the relationship among and between the four scales and provides 21 different profile descriptions for use in team-building and job-fit assignments. (Click image to enlarge)

Individual Report Team Report

Extended DISC (Family of Tools)—is a tried and true measure of an individual’s personality style.  Knowing whether an individual is dominant, influential, steadfast, or compliant gives us solid evidence of the individual’s motivation and reason for behavior.  In this way, we can consciously alter our style in order to better communicate and accomplish objectives.

Profiles International (Family of Tools)—The Profile XT is arguably the foremost job fit tool in the world today.  Results reveal (1) what an individual is capable of doing, (2) what the individual will do, and (3) what the individual wants to do.  Each candidate is compared against a benchmark of the very best for the position so that solid and reliable hiring decisions can be made.

The Integrity and Values Profile – The foremost coaching tool on the market today, the Integrity and Values Profile drills deeply to measure a leader’s integrity, foresight and vision, ability to set a positive impression, ability to form and manage relationships, and tendency toward reliability and a solid task focus.  With this tool, we can accurately assess whether the leader is setting a proper vision for the organization, what a leader's values are, and how these values impact others. 

EQ-i 2.0 -- Emotional intelligence (EI) is becom­ing an increasingly important quality in the workplace and 71 percent of hiring managers in the United States value EI in an employee more than IQ, found a recent survey of 2,662 hiring managers by Career­Builder.  The following graphic illustrates what the EQ-i, 2.0 measures.

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