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Put simply, good team performance is the collection of differing personalities working in unison to achieve goals.  Seems simple!  But an effective team is a complex organism that requires consistent work and upkeep. Effective teams have some commonalities including: 

Poorly performing teams reveal the lack of three of more of these necessary components.  The result is almost always the diminishment of trust. 

The key to greater team performance begins with the understanding of personality styles and moves toward increased emotional intelligence.

Personality determines why we work, who we interact with and how, and what we seek in relationships from others.  Personality affects, and is affected by, how others perceive and respond to us and is reflected in the things we say, the way we feel, and the way we choose to lead our lives.  Our personality styles differ with respect to expressiveness and extraversion, interpersonal warmth, approach toward work and other responsibilities, degree of emotional intensity, and engagement in creative and intellectual pursuits.  

Higher levels of emotional intelligence result in the achievement of vital team member traits including: better problem-solving, increased flexibility, improved interpersonal relationships, increased optimism, deeper empathy, better impulse control, increased stress tolerance, and improved team-role adaptation. 


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