Diversity Awareness

How to Create and Manage an Inclusive Workforce

Our diversity classes are much more than an effort to create a visibly different workforce.  We design and deliver a learning program that teaches respect for differences and utilizes these differences in an orchestrated manner to achieve greater creativity and better service.  We’ve created an enjoyable and interactive format to drive home the imperative that respect in the workplace is not only the right thing to do, but is also good business sense.  Customer and employee relationship management involves the ability to connect with the backgrounds and values held dear by each individual.

This training explores the reality of working in a diverse environment as well as the tools that managers and employees can use to recognize, accept and value differences in the workplace. Participants examine what behaviors and attitudes reflect stereotypical thinking, how those behaviors or attitudes affect the people involved and how stereotypical thinking can negatively impact effective teamwork. Users also learn the legal implications of bias and discriminatory behavior, so as to minimize potential liability for the organization. Finally, employees and managers are introduced to the organization's diversity goals and policies. They learn the working definition of diversity and the values of a diverse organization.

Interactive, Not Lecture

Diversity awareness cannot be learned solely through lecture; it must also be experienced.  Diversity is about participating with the people who are around us; getting to know them and their values, how they think and how they perceive.  This class is filled with fun and interesting exercises that leave participants more sensitive to other's differences.

Learning Through Story-Telling

Pictures say a thousand words; stories deliver unforgettable messages.  In this class, we share personal stories highlighting the truism that experience is, in fact, the best teacher.

Detailed Course Description: (Standard Recommended Employee Course:  3-4 Hours)

Workplace Diversity:  Key Content (Objectives)

Fully Customizable

A wide range of customization options are available.  This course can be delivered as a classroom presentation, e-Learning course, Webinar, or one-on-one.  In addition, information and learning scenarios can be customized to depict your organization's culture. 

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