The Conscious Employee

Understanding yourself and others through the DISC Assessment

As though speaking different languages, many people don’t communicate very well.  The culprit of this problem is usually a difference in personality style.  Style differences create variances in values, perceptions, motivation, and work approach.  These differences sometimes make it impossible to understand why people do what they do, why they avoid certain tasks, and why some people seem better suited to certain tasks and jobs. 

This interactive seminar is designed to create a more synchronous work environment by helping people understand the personality style and work habits so that efforts can be funneled toward completing the goals and mission of the organization.   

This seminar also teaches Emotional Intelligence and helps us understand the following as they related to the work environment:

Self-awareness—knowing one’s emotions, recognizing feelings as they occur, and discriminating between them.

Mood management—handling feelings so they're relevant to the current situation and you react appropriately.

Self-motivation—"gathering up" one’s feelings and directing oneself towards a goal, despite self-doubt, inertia, and impulsiveness.

Empathy—recognizing feelings in others and tuning into their verbal and nonverbal cues.

Managing relationships—handling interpersonal interaction, conflict resolution, and negotiations.

These skills and the way we see ourselves has crucial implications for employees, leaders, and team success.  

The following are targeted outcomes.  As a result of modifying behavior using the model, participants will move:

Objectives of this class: 

  1. To gain a heightened awareness of work/communication style
  2. To understand innate motivation

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