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The HarBeck Company, Inc. provides a broad range of learning solutions to empower your employees with the skills and knowledge to excel. At HarBeck, we know that providing your employees with strategic opportunities to enhance their knowledge and skills is the key to the success of your business. We design and deliver innovative training that actively engages participants in the learning process and is focused on relevant content. 

Our Classes:


HarBeck offers coaching to help leaders and supervisors learn new concepts, cross the bridge from "learning" to "doing," and to help drive personal and organizational success.

Executive Leadership Training

Executives need a complete grasp of the concept of leadership that includes a cumulative approach to developing themselves and their companies for the next step. HarBeck provides executive development to executives, senior-level leaders, and high-potential leaders who want a comprehensive learning and development curriculum that encompasses the core building blocks for learners and their specific needs.  In particular, initial assessments assess the level of integrity and values possessed. 

Supervisory Training

HarBeck’s supervisory training program is specifically designed for managers who are providing leadership at the frontline or supervisory level. It equips them with the fundamentals needed to develop their people for optimum performance and productivity.

New Generation Leader Training

The need for leadership training does not stop at the top. Sometimes, the most critical links are the high-potential leaders within the organization. Often, they are people in critical roles who have high influence on processes, customer experience, and how things really get done. They are the influence points or change agents in your organization that form the building blocks of your organizational culture. Identifying who they are and initiating their executive development is a winning strategy for the future and continuing success of the organization.


We regularly use a broad range of assessments that include personality style assessments, team analyses, job fit testing, emotional intelligence assessments, integrity and values assessments, pair analyses (inherent strengths and differences between two individuals), and a variety of types of organizational surveys.


All coaching services and assessment feedback sessions can be delivered in a virtual format.

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